Everyone is motivated by their own personal interests. The HUMANE® approach views the learner as a human being affected by and affecting his/her family, society, and due to globalization the whole world. MEHRAT utilizes this holistic learning concept to tackle all aspects of the learner, consequently increasing his/her probability of learning .

A Business Solutions firm that collaborates with private, governmental, semi-governmental and public sector bodies to support developing impactful, sustainable and efficient corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

business match makers

PMS provides premier medical services for the Middle East community to enhance medical practices and ensure best-fit patients satisfaction.

provides premier medical services

MEHRAT is a multinational firm, offering partnering organizations the best-fit professional services, including:

  • Training & Development Programs.
  • Human Resources Consultancy.
  • Change Management Projects.
  • Business Solutions.
  • Events Management.

Business Readiness:
Business Readiness, UK is an affiliate of MEHRAT Ltd, UK. MEHRAT offers its partner organizations a wide range of results-oriented training and development solutions.

Business Readiness

An integrated homogenous blend of tests and assessments, especially customized to align with corporates needed evaluation and assessments of professional competences.